Good Old Charlie Brown

by Bob on Thursday, 01 May 2008 Comments
In the Peanuts comic strip of Charles Schulz there was one recurring scene in which Lucy persuades Charlie Brown to kick the football which she is positioning for him on the ground. Then inevitably at the last moment she pulls the ball away and Charlie Brown’s foot failing to make contact with the ball flies into the air and throws him off balance so he lands with a loud grunt flat on his back. No matter how many times he is fooled, he falls for the trick every time.

Is Charlie Brown so gullible, he never learns? Or does he realize it is still probably a trick, but goes along with it anyway? What if this will be the one time she doesn’t take the ball away? He will have lost his only chance to kick the ball.

To the Charlie Browns of this life there is nothing or no one who is so bad that there is no hope for change. Such an attitude quite obviously has no effect on Lucy, but who knows how many times in the course of his life, Charlie’s Brown willingness to forgive and allow others to redeem themselves will be the turning point that stops someone from continuing down a path that would lead to ruin.

We tend to laugh at the apparent weakness of someone who innocently turns the other cheek to his or her tormentor, but only God knows how many times that courageous gesture saved the other cheek from suffering the fate of the first.

What the world needs are fewer Lucys and far more Charlie Browns.

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