Tracking the Origin of Music with the Orbit Folks

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Orbit Folks is a Taiwan based international creative music project that brings together people from different nationalities and different musical backgrounds. Lead by Belgian double-bassist and composer Martijn Vanbuel they experiment with combining jazz, folk, classical, world and improvisation. Orbit Folks has put out their first album “The Missing Link”, which was nominated in 5 categories and 2 awards for the Golden Melody Awards in 2011. The album features the live band, consisting of violin, piano, double bass and table, as well as special guest from Taiwan, Italy and Ukraine.

Orbit Folks plays as well originals as arrangements of folk tunes. In their compositions we can hear musical elements from all different origins, sometimes very concrete, sometimes more subtly hidden. This way the music is enriched by a great variety of aspects, such as the complexity of Indian rhythm, the colourfulness of western harmony, the melodic sense of Arab music, and the textures of contemporary classical.

All these compositional aspects create contrast with the improvisations, which always play an important role. There are collective improvisations but each musician gets his moment in the spotlight.

Alternate for readers in China

Interview conducted by Fao and Cerise, edited and subtitled by Lisa.

Orbit Folks will be taking part in the Renlai World Music Concert on 16th September 2011, more information coming soon. Filming by Cerise Phiv, video editing and subtitles by Lisa Lo.




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