The Fantastic Teacher

by Jose Cecilio J. Magadia on Tuesday, 28 April 2009 Comments
A teacher always seeks to deepen and reinforce his knowledge by studying, reviewing and also memorizing, until it has completely infused his brain. But a good teacher is more than someone who masterizes his knowledge. A good teacher is able to be flexible; if he knows in depth his subject, he can adapt his courses to his students’ needs without altering his knowledge. A teacher might teach with a book; a good teacher can drop the book and speak from the heart.

Furthermore, there is a third level of teaching represented by ‘the fantastic teacher’. A teacher teaches from his book; a good teacher drops his book and speaks from the heart; a ‘fantastic teacher’ does not even need to speak at all. His very life and his total being lie in his teaching through his actions, his movements, his lifestyle, the choices he makes, and the commitments he lives. Then, one could say that his actions truly speak louder than his words. In a world becoming narrower, when our choices turn out to be more restricted, the ‘fantastic teacher’ is the one able to open hearts and minds.

Many of us here in the Ateneo are real teachers, because, at least we try to improve our knowledge and what we have been taught. I believe some are already good teachers, but only a countable few will qualify as fantastic. Nevertheless, I would like to think that we are all trying.

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