Erenlai - Identity and Self-Realization 認同感與自我實現
Identity and Self-Realization 認同感與自我實現

Identity and Self-Realization 認同感與自我實現



Where do I come from? Where do I go?... These contributions offer tools to explore the complexities of identity, overcome contradictions and recognize one’s true self.




Sunday, 27 August 2006

Identity, Interpretation and Inventiveness

This short, tentative essay is shamelessly programmatic. It does not pretend to deal with reality as it is but rather as it should be. More precisely, it aims at digging out the “virtual reality” of intercultural exchanges as they are experienced today in view of making these exchanges a channel conducive to more peaceful, just and fruitful relationships among the nations, cultures, ethnic groups and religions of the world. Or still, to put it another way, it aims at mapping the process through which cultural and religious interactions might nurture a model of humane development that enhances pluralism, tolerance, freedom of choice and community-building, a model that gives special attention to the variety of voices and experiences, starting from the ones of the weakest among the groups and individuals of our global society.

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