Seeing Taipei from the crossroads

by on Monday, 30 April 2007 Comments

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Here is a collection of pictures by Hubert, who captures the atmosphere of Taiwan ‘s capital, working mainly in blank and white.

Crossroads’ zebras design the rhythm of a metropolis, creating continuities and breaks, allowing one to go from one space to another through a series of contrasts and transformations. In a city of 3 million inhabitants, crossroads appear no more like some meeting points but are some line-ruled paths with no ending. The only limits they seem to encounter are the surrounding buildings: they stand at the extremity of the road, lonely as the passer-by. Some will prefer to cut the crossing like this old lady, little dark figure disquieting the severe geometry of the white lines. But where is going that old man sunk in his meditation, under a dazzling sun? And these two girls holding each other by the waist? May their secret lie in the thin space between their two silhouettes?

Hubert’s pictures make us feel the pulse of a city when solitude and communication endlessly change into one another.


Hubert Kilian (余白)

Journalist at "Taiwan Aujourd'hui", living in Taipei since 6 years. Photography is a way to pursue an unspeakable reality, to catch a “sub-reality”, to express strong feelings linked to lights and atmospheres shaped by the city. I like to raise the questions about the bonds between people, their everyday life and the city surrounding them. Humans are building cities but cities are shaping their life. Taipei, a metropolis where density is one of the highest in the world, is an excellent example about how a city can determine people’s everyday lives. Photography is a way to express this relationship between urbanity and people, their environment and the way they are interacting.

Taiwan Aujourd'hui 記者,台北居住了四年。


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