The San Ignazio frescoes

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These two short videos take you to a guided discovery of the San Ignazio frescoes.

"The light of the Trinity inflames the heart of saint Ignatius then spreads to the entire world through the grace of many mediators ; such is the theme of the ceilings of the San Ignazio church in Rome.

Brother Andrea Pozzo completed the paintings in 1685, in accordance with the requirements of the Council of Trent: artists were asked to guard against the excessive influence of ancient mythology and to exalt the truth of Incarnation with an art capable of demonstrating the vanities of the visible world. : pictures are nothing by themselves and it would be unwise to rely on them."

"The second sequence highlights the spiritual struggle of mission : The fire of the Gospel and its action are confronted with the infinite perversity of passions and all kinds of violence and idolatry. The ogres and monsters painted by Pozzo do indeed illustrate the diverse heresies of the Reform but we can interpret them today as images of a spiritual struggle that takes place essentially in the innermost being of every believer. Once again, the huge frescoes of this vaulted ceiling tell first of the magnificent way the Word of fire enters the hearts of men, spreading into different cultures, a Word that penetrates all that is really human, joyfully transfiguring the body of believers. Divine love begins to speak to the hearts of the pagans who knew nothing of it and it renews the courage of all those who stumble along the path of faith."



Claude Tuduri (杜耀德)

I'm a French Jesuit; I work for a Ignatian spirituality website and help students to write French in an association run by the society in Saint-Denis. It's a very pleasant job where I get to meet many friendly and dynamic people from Asia, particularly from Taiwan.

我是一位法國耶穌會士,目前為依納爵靈修會(Ignatian Spirituality)工作,並在聖丹尼斯社團( the Society in Saint-Denis)所辦的機構幫忙教導學生學習法文。這是一個很棒的工作,因為可以遇到許多來自亞洲友善又有活力的人,特別是台灣的朋友。


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