A Modern Transposition of the Saint-John Apocalypse

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Chinese ink, color pencils, a schoolboy's quill and some paper were the only materials used by the French artist Gaston-Louis Marchal to perform a 78,4 square meter drawing.
This gives place to 84 paper panels that are used as squares for a tapestry.
With graphic computing techniques, this tapestry has been transformed into vast and noticeable frescoes visible in the church of Our Lady of Hope in Castres.

A modern transposition of the saint-John Apocalypse

G.L.Marchal is a French artist born in 1927 and was a disciple of the sculptor Zadkine. Living in Castres since 1970 (south-west of France), he has achieved a work that reconciled in some ways the style of modern expressionist and baroque comic strips with the remote and serious meditation of roman art. He's introduced famous modern characters as symbols of justice throughout history (Gandhi, Teresa of Avila, Blaise Pascal, the Bouddha and his friend Zadkine, etc..) and injustice (famous bloody dictators) to remind us that this book of the Bible still has an eternal message: there is at each period of history a choice between justice or violence, love or self-determination, between the spirit of reconciliation or that of destruction. There is no neutral position in history; we are bound to commit ourselves to God's affirmation of life and creation or to death's fascination and its irreversible trend towards « de-creation ». Christ sits to the right of the Father as the only man worthy to open the seals of the Book: represented as an innocent Lamb and a King of mercy and justice for ever, he's received the grace to take men and women from all nations to the Kingdom of God, his Father and our Father.


We invite you to see a very instructive explanation of the frescoes here.

Claude Tuduri (杜耀德)

I'm a French Jesuit; I work for a Ignatian spirituality website and help students to write French in an association run by the society in Saint-Denis. It's a very pleasant job where I get to meet many friendly and dynamic people from Asia, particularly from Taiwan.

我是一位法國耶穌會士,目前為依納爵靈修會(Ignatian Spirituality)工作,並在聖丹尼斯社團( the Society in Saint-Denis)所辦的機構幫忙教導學生學習法文。這是一個很棒的工作,因為可以遇到許多來自亞洲友善又有活力的人,特別是台灣的朋友。

Website: www.ndweb.org

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