A Moving Sound: A Different Approach to The Tradition

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In A Moving Sound’s music traditional Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian music forms are fused in new original song compositions. Instruments such as the Chinese erhu , the zhong ruan (Chinese guitar), an assortment of western instruments, and the transcendent vocals and dance of lead singer Mia Hsieh, transport listeners on a journey. The group is intensely passionate about how it presents the use of traditional instruments in its contemporary sound. Their approach is to be holistic – combining art, spirituality, social awareness, and a universal love of humanity play key roles in the creative process.

Photo by Jien-Wei Chen

A Moving Sound's Website

Music Style - Asian World Fusion

Mia Hsieh - vocal
Scott Prairie - zhong ruan
Zheng-Jun Wu - percussion
Tang-Hsuan Lo - erhu
Hua-Zhou Hsieh - guitar

Interview conducted by Cerise and Fao, filmed by Cerise, edited by Lisa.

Ganesh (2006) 5:39

Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu Gods who is said to be able to break through all obstacles and bring wisdom and good fortune. If you want to live as artist in Taiwan or anywhere else on this planet you must have Ganesh on your side! A Moving Sound borrows a taste of India in this compostion and adds to it the flavor of beautiful Chinese instruments such as the erhu and zhong ruan with vocalist Mia Hsieh's lush and evocative singing.

This song is part of the 2011 Renlai Wold Music compilation. This CD is distributed for free in Taiwan with Renlai Magazine #84 (July-August 2011). This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on how to get a copy of the magazine. There are also three Renlai concerts planned in Taipei on Sat. 9 July, Fri. 19 August and Fri. 16 September. More info here.

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