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by Lise on Thursday, 23 August 2007 Comments
I believe that, for overcoming one’s problems, you have to let yourself be touched by other people‘s difficulties. Problems are far more bearable when they are shared. Sharing difficulties requires two skills: (a) being able to express your own problems, and to accept the help that other people offer to you; (b) take your share of burdens that are not yours, listen to the other as you would like to be listened to. For giving in the right way you have to learn how to receive; and for receiving in the right way, you have to learn how to give away.

I believe in exchanges and cross-currents – among people, nations and cultures. I learnt a lot just by working together with volunteers from other countries. I learnt a lot, first because they were coming with new ideas and experiences. But I also learnt from them because I had much to teach them. Some young foreign volunteers arrive with pre-conceived ideas about China, their life experience is somehow limited, or they might encounter psychological problems. Sometimes, they come to help, and they are the ones who need help. But when I was accepting the situation as it was, they were also bringing me something – not always what they thought they were bringing, but this does not matter so much. Maybe, we never know whatwe are truly giving to other. In any case, this is through exchanges, through mutual transformation that we are progressing together, that humankind as a whole is moving forward.

I believe in diversity. Diversity of our cultures, our habits and ways of life, of our experiences - this is the stuff that makes our life richer, this is what allow life to continue to flow. I do not like uniformity. I love variety, movement, the overflowing of colors and opinions.

I have much faith in local communities. I find it wonderful when I see a neighborhood that helps the weakest in the community, and which is able to organize celebrations, to develop its common project, its dreams, or which takes care of a little park or of anything that becomes a symbol, a common good. I believe that by developing our neighborhood relationships we will be able to develop our diversity to the fullest. I am sad when I see how much local communities look as if they were one and the same. I have a dream: to see all neighborhood, villages and townships of China developing a cultural characteristics that would truly be their own.

I believe that it is our duty to carefully manage our natural resources, not wasting water, changing our consumption and production model, respecting natural equilibriums, preventing deforestation… I am confident that China will be able to show the world the example of an economy accounting for Humankind’s and Nature’s frailties when it builds on its diversity and its local strengths. In my view, taking care of the weakest among us and respecting natural equilibriums is part of one and the same struggle.

I believe that we are all « becoming » ourselves. We need to trust each one of us, starting by our very self. We are able to overcome our limitations, we are perpetually changing and evolving. I know that I still have much to discover, that I am still on the road. When I discover other people’s riches and make them a part of myself, I am “becoming myself.” I hope that, at the end of the road, “Myself” will feel in full communion with all those I will have met along the road.

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