Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association

by Cheng-Yang on Friday, 17 August 2007 Comments
In a world of darkness, blind people must rely on sounds and touch to communicate. Their only way to learn or to be informed is through sounds.
The Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association, founded in 2004, is an association devoted to the publication of talking books for unsighted people. They have introduced an international standard of reference for talking books: the Digital Accessible Information System (Daisy). They also offer job opportunities to unsighted people who work for the conversion of books and for promoting and improving the quality of the talking books.
Listening to Daisy talking books is like leafing through a printed book. One is free to skip pages or to read in one’s own way.
The Daisy talking books are easy to use: they can be played through computers or Daisy MP3 players.
The Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association wishes to increase their publishing activities in the future to keep on providing study and career opportunities to unsighted people.


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