In the South-East of Paris, on the 22th of June 2011, at the exhibition hall Les Voûtes, three taiwanese artists submitted their work to the public eye:

- Dialogue remixé de style FF (The remixed dialogue of two "FF" type face) by Li-Ming Cheng
- 40 by Charlene Shih,
- La lumière dépasse le temps, n°2 (Light Overtakes Time, no.2) by Chi-Yang Chiang

They chose a common theme, 'The traces of time', but each offered us a different and original approach to this theme.


Li-Ming Cheng, long interested in Chinese typography, allows for meditation and reflection through his exploration of the sensual experience of the publishing process, from printing to reading. He also points out how traditional typography has been a meeting point for Chinese and Western culture. However, as this industrial and symbolic field is on the brink of disappearance, due to increasing technological advances. Moreover, there are many questions surrounding the future of books in print when the Visual Arts and the Internet seem to prevail over the culture of typography, books in print and the art of reading.




Charlene Shih, known for the quality of her animated films, decided to share her point of view about turning 40. In the process she becomes increasingly aware of the extended significance of her research, centered as it is on shifts in female identity and the ramifications of these shifts on its subsequent coherence. This piece explores the physical life span of the body as well as the emotional transformations of this age of crisis. With plenty of humor and several interviews, the artist addresses the issues surrounding the female mid-life crisis.




Chi-Yang Chiang deals with the question of light as an energy that surpasses the limits of time. In his installation, illuminated bottles become imprints that mark the passage of time, as well as indicating a memory and a history that cannot be reduced to any of its material attributes. Through an instantaenous burst of light, a new aura reveals itself to the conscious mind in a mysterious epiphany. This is how light is conceived of through time.




Dialogue remixé de style FF (The remixed dialogue of two "FF" type face) 
by Li ming-cheng

Since the beginning of time, human beings - in the aim to express themselves through writing - have been inspired by the multiple shapes of the world in order to create new worlds. They have learned to tame the animals, the plants and metallic things. Machines have been invented to represent all that exists through writing symbols.

On thinking of the beautiful time spent reading, we remember not only books but also traces of printed things, and the smell of ink and the veins of paper...

All this leads us to discover the expertise of technicians hidden behind the words, an expertise allowing thought to be materialized. This is what accompanies us during reading time, what dissipates the demonic loneliness. We finally feel ourselves well-rooted in this world, engendered as everything between earth and heaven. Then happiness surrounds us, and a warm quality of being penetrates us.

Today, new digital technologies promise us a great future. But before being able to discern it clearly, it has accelerated its walk, quick, then still quicker and quicker. Speed excites us and a dizzing confusion may follow.

In the rescue of technics that to turn to freeze themselves, as light and time tend to freeze on a camera film, can we find a temporary answer in this accelerated world in order to live again this feeling of happiness ?

Perhaps with these things that have already « made their time », a new future will awaken...

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by Charlene Shih

Confucius said : ”At 15 I set my heart on learning; at 30 I firmly took my stand; at 40 I had no delusions.“

Today is my 40’s birthday, but I am nothing but confused, and I wonder if someone can tell me how special it is to be 40?

More than10 years ago, I made an animated film called “Women”; it was from my own personal experience and struggles I faced as an Asian female growing up in Taiwan.

At the time, I probably used all my creative energy and spent 2 years making the film. After that, I thought I got more mature, and slowly started to care about other subjects. Until last year, I started to notice that I was facing another crossroads just like when I was growing up. Like many other women my age, we are facing the choice between career and family, parents are getting old and ill, the choice between freedom and obligations. And I question if we can really choose? And how much we can choose as women?

As I reveal myself as a “middle aged” woman, I also interviewed other female artists around the world, the journey is not only to find out about them, but also find some answers for myself.

I am using painting, installation, performance and even food in this personal piece, to really celebrate the number 40.

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La lumière dépasse le temps, n°2 
by Chi-Yang Chiang

Light goes beyond time.

Light creates aesthetic style within space and completes a luminous world.

Light is like memory that we can't divide and leave. It follows us between novelties and customs; it carries us to travel in a surreal time.

We're today used to the spectacular effects of bonfires and festivals but we forget the damages it may produce. Light is nature's gift; once we have learned to use it, we'll be able to create meaningful smashing pictures. Moreover, we 'll be able to recreate pictures with less expense of electrical energy and less production of carbon.

The wine bottle represents a kind of time's trace, from winemaking to bottling, from the time to its shop marketing to its consumption. The liquid from the bottle elicits a sort of memory throughout time. It's why I use bottles of wine situated to different levels symbolizing a memory evolving between light and darkness. Between abstract and concrete world, light spreads out in space and opens a demanding freedom that awakens the spectator's imagination.

Light turns to be an instrument fashioning the way we look and giving density to time.

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