La lumière dépasse le temps, n°2 
by Chi-Yang Chiang

Light goes beyond time.

Light creates aesthetic style within space and completes a luminous world.

Light is like memory that we can't divide and leave. It follows us between novelties and customs; it carries us to travel in a surreal time.

We're today used to the spectacular effects of bonfires and festivals but we forget the damages it may produce. Light is nature's gift; once we have learned to use it, we'll be able to create meaningful smashing pictures. Moreover, we 'll be able to recreate pictures with less expense of electrical energy and less production of carbon.

The wine bottle represents a kind of time's trace, from winemaking to bottling, from the time to its shop marketing to its consumption. The liquid from the bottle elicits a sort of memory throughout time. It's why I use bottles of wine situated to different levels symbolizing a memory evolving between light and darkness. Between abstract and concrete world, light spreads out in space and opens a demanding freedom that awakens the spectator's imagination.

Light turns to be an instrument fashioning the way we look and giving density to time.

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